Women’s Celebration
    Women’s Celebration is like a magical dessert once a month. 
    Your body, mind and soul will be feed with delight and beautiful surprises.
    You will be touched and nourished in manifold ways.
    You are nurturing your inner child, celebrating, be happy, we’ll sing, play, dance, chant,
    rhythm, art, craft, paint, cook, laughter, folkdance, show, tell, story time and much more.  

            Your senses will come alive,
                Your body feels more relaxed,
                    Your mind gets inspired,  
                        Your heart shares love,
                            Your live is healing,
                                Your spirit is reawakened,
                                    Your inner child finds joyful expression.

    Come and celebrate! You will truly love it and so will your friends.

    Next Women’s Celebration is on:  4 March 05
                                                1 April 05
                                            6 May 05
                                        4 June 05
                                    3 September 05
                                5 November 05
                            3 December 05